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Humanitarian actions

We invest in projects that we believe

Uganda 34 million inhabitants, a high index of oral disease, preventive and therapeutic opportunities few and only 3 dental Ugandan graduates. There were no facilities in the country and the skills necessary to be able to establish a vocational school despite the obvious need.
Uganda has a university course for dentists but, like most African countries, no school for dental technicians. The project has initiated a three-year course for 12 students per year, at the Department of Dentistry of the University Hospital, Mulago Hospital in Kampala, thanks to an agreement with the University at Makerere and partnerships with various associations Italian bearers of expertise, human resources and economic conditions.
CARLO DE GIORGI sent a container of materials and equipment to start and make the autonomous university course of training for dental Under De Giorgi Outreach, you can see all the photos and articles about this beautiful Humanitarian Initiative.
In addition, the stimulus for a continuous search for quality - in products such as service - is powered by the challenge that the De Giorgi gathers regularly to achieve the best levels of performance