Dental office: how COVID has changed working habits.

The experience in the dental practice has undergone a revolution following the pandemic.

Carlo De Giorgi is committed to promoting the products and guidelines necessary to face this historical period in safety.

To ensure maximum protection, in fact, there are a number of precautions and tools to be used in order to ensure a positive experience for both customers and employees in the dental office.

The consequences of the pandemic

The everyday life has been turned upside down. The meetings, the appointments and even the daily actions have undergone a drastic change. This also applies to environments such as dental offices, which have had to comply with restrictions to protect all those who work there and need the services of dentists.

The main change, of course, was to make sure everyone who walks through the door is wearing the mask correctly.
From professionals to patients, this personal protective equipment must be positioned so that the nose and mouth are completely covered, thus avoiding the circulation of droplets.

Furthermore, the layout of the spaces has also undergone changes, to facilitate the safe circulation of all the individuals present in the studio:

  • a single entrance door has been identified, from which you cannot exit;
  • before entering the study, a device has been placed to sanitize the hands;
  • with the product to clean your hands, you can find also a sign which has been inserted with instructions on how to do it correctly;
  • on the floor, along the entire floor of the study, the path where patients can walk peacefully is shown and the (alternating) seats are indicated, where they can wait for their turn;
  • Finally, another door has been used as an exit, in order to maintain control on the flow of peopleAll this has been monitored through careful management of appointments: all those who need the services of the dentist are obliged to call in advance and book dates and times to allow the team to sanitize all the rooms before the arrival of each person.
    In this way, the number of people in the studio is limited and the professional is guaranteed the time necessary to fix, sanitize and purify everything related to his work.

The products needed for safe work

Here are the products we recommend to create a safe environment which will allow you to work efficiently.



A modern station for disinfection, the sanistation is a furnishing product that combines utility with an effective arrangement of materials.

Some features:

  • The upper niche can accommodate two sizes of disposable gloves;
  • The intermediate niche is designed to insert disposable masks;
  • The intermediate niche is positioned at a palm height and houses a refillable dispenser equipped with a photoelectric cell for the release of disinfectant liquid;
  • The lower niche is dedicated to the distributor of disposable shoe covers;
  • Waste container reserved exclusively for the disposal of disposable products.

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Q3, Q7 purifiers

Plasma air purifiers use a patented technology for the TPA® ion field. Their performance has been rigorously tested and proven around the world. In addition, they are EPA compliant and California Air Resources Board (CARB) certified. They are among the recommended products because they are able to eliminate almost all of the contaminants in the air.

The first (Q3) smaller and the second (Q7) more impressive, the two models have been designed to meet the needs of any space. Silent and effective, they do their job without disturbing and move comfortably thanks to the wheels and rounded corners.

To find out more, please read here.

The essentials: personal protective equipment


  • 3D protective masks – KN95 FFP2
    They are equipped with a filtering capacity that blocks up to 95% of the particles suspended in the air.
  • protective eye masks: model MG-1
    The lenses guarantee maximum performance at work and total protection, without causing any discomfort. Easy to put on and to adjust, they adhere perfectly to the face.
  • the digital infrared thermometer
    Measure the temperature of your patients in just 1 second and without the need for any contact. Simple to use and easy to understand thanks to the information shown on the display, the thermometer allows you to assess the conditions of people safely, in a very short time and providing you with reliable and certain data.
  • the SHO-3002 fingertip pulse oximeter
    Measure the oxygen saturation of hemoglobin present in the blood (SpO2) and heart rate (HR) with this non-invasive device.For more information on PPE and its characteristics, please read here.


Carlo De Giorgi is dedicated to sharing essential information to work in total safety.

Continue to follow us to stay updated on the latest news and to know more about the tools that are useful to create a protected environment for you, for your colleagues and collaborators and for your patients.

Let’s work together for a better future.

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