Increase safety with the C-AS extra-oral suction system


Complete your dentist office with the extra-oral suction system: offer maximum protection for yourself and your customers.


Ensuring the most complete security in your office is essential. It has always been, together with customer care, but now more than ever, paying more attention to everything related to the dentist office environment is of primary importance.

With the C-AS extra-oral suction system, you solve all the problems associated with the dispersion of the aerosol.


Why the effects of aerosol must be limited


Aerosol is the dispersion of small solid or liquid particles that remain suspended in the air for a long period before settling on surfaces or entering the upper respiratory tract. The exact time in which the aerosol remains in the air depends on the size and weight of the suspended material as well as on the ventilation of the room. The use of high-rotation and ultrasound instruments contributes to the formation of aerosols, dispersing small particles of body fluids such as saliva, blood and plaque into the air.


C-AS: the solution

The C-AS extra-oral suction system has been designed to eradicate any threat due to aerosol.

By using it regularly, in fact, it is possible to guarantee maximum safety both for the environment in which you operate and for the customer who relies on your care.

Thanks to rapid filtration through the primary filter and the HEPA filter (H13), the dispersion of micro-particles greater than or equal to 0.3 micro are captured, sterilized by ultraviolet rays and permanently eliminated protecting the individual from any form of infection or contamination.

General features:


  • high suction power
  • flexible arm adjustable in any position
  • HEPA filtering ensures an efficiency level of at least 99.96%
  • guarantees the necessary security to give serenity to the operator and the customer
  • brushless motor with almost imperceptible noise

The technical characteristics:


  • Product code 523/00
  • Dimensions 320 x 320 x 740 mm
  • Flow rate 5.5 m3 / min
  • Air flow (max) 25 m / s
  • Noise level ≤ 60dBa
  • Control panel 3 modes for air speed
  • UV wavelength 250-270 nm


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