10 Years since the fundation of “Carlo De Giorgi” training center in Uganda

A goal to be celebrated

November 22, 2011 – November 22, 2021: 10 years have passed since the foundation of the Dental Laboratory and Training Center “Carlo De Giorgi” in Kampala, Uganda.

The structure is now managed entirely by Ugandans: a great achievement for us at Carlo De Giorgi, who have supported the initiative since the very beginning so that young Ugandans, so that Ugandan youths, often lacking proper training, could learn a profession and find a job.

Giacomo Babaglioni is the promoter and coordinator of the center’s activities. To him goes our greatest and most heartfelt thanks.

The “Carlo de Giorgi” center in Uganda: its role and the many challenges it has overcome

The structure, which we strongly desired fulfills two main tasks: it provides training and dental services to local people.

Working in continuity on this project has been challenging but we are pleased that, despite the the external issues that have occurred in recent years – 3 Ebola epidemics, 3 presidential elections and the current pandemic – the project is still strong and fully operative.


Many other similar initiatives in the area have unfortunately ceased to operate: we are therefore proud of this achievement and will continue to support the activities of the center.

The project relies on the management and support of two important longstanding partners: Mulago Hospital and Makerere University who were the pioneers who helped to train and graduate the first class. The contribution of local authorities is essential to root the work of the center in the local social context.


The results achieved in the last year

We want to share the latest  achievements knowing that, one step at a time, we can change the future.

  • The Hospital has hired a former student with the role of “facility and service manager” . He is performing administrative task and he is in charge of warehouse management.
  • The University, through the dental department, has hired 4 former students that are now in charge of the theoretical/practical training for dental technicians and dentists.
  • The Faculty of Dentistry within the school of medicine has established the department of dental technology and former students of the first class are permanently part of it.
  • Admissions. other good news comes on the admissions side: 40% of the applications are from girls. This is  is not so common in Uganda where the female population often has no access to professional training.
  • Professional tools. The purchase of professionals equipment and tools also goes on, as shown by the recent delivery of a set of semi-individual articulators.

We are happy to share these milestones – we will continue to strive to make a difference.



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