Our company Carlo De Giorgi was founded in 1950 as a family-run business operating in the metal and mechanical industry. In the following years we have been specializing in development, in production and in distribution of machinery and equipment for dentistry. We provide also a wide range of electromedical and laboratory devices for goldsmith and aesthetics sector.

The 50s
The 60s
The 70s
The 80s
The 90s
The 2000s

The 50s: the beginning

The craftsman Carlo De Giorgi launches a metal and mechanical workshop in Milan by producing equipment for different industries. Thereafter, the business is gradually increasing the production.

The 60s: the evolution

The craftsman and his son Ariberto De Giorgi transform the workshop into a company specialized in production of machinery for dental and goldsmith industries. With a team of 8 dedicated technicians, the business is active in the new headquarter of Baranzate, an historical building belowing to the De Giorgi family.

The 70s: the specialization

These are the years of expansion for mechanical industry in which Carlo De Giorgi continues to specialize. Consequentely, the company produces the suspension motors, flexible shafts and transmission shafts for metal working in the dental and goldsmith sector. The first handpiece T-30 is born, entirely designed and made in Italy. For the following years it became one of the leading products on the market, contributing to the international image of the company.

The 80s: the boom

The success is confirmed with new products and a wider range of machinery:  cleaners, gas burners and trimmer.  Carlo De Giorgi becomes a brenchmark for the micromotors of  dental laboratories and goldsmiths. The company obtain more technical achivements as a result of a dedicated team.  At the end of the eighties the business is extending abroad.  An international profile that Silvia De Giorgi manages with great entrepreneurial skills.

The 90s: new projects

Carlo De Giorgi develops a new line of dental equipment, producing the first micromotor for surgery and implantology. The offer is enriched with new proposals for the dental sector as scalers, electrosurgical units, thanks to the collaboration with several Italian producers. In 1991 Andrea De Giorgi joined the management, contributing to the strategic growth of the company Carlo De Giorgi.

The 2000s: development

The solutions Carlo De Giorgi are diversifying by adding new products for veterinary, podiatry, surgical, aesthetic, physiotherapy. The continuous research for innovating the services is completed with a 360° technical assistance of the most known brands on the market.

Our values

Since the beginning, we have been guided by the passion for quality and by the attention for the best features of our products. The commitment of a professional team, the best offer to our customers and a customized technical assistance have allowed us to expand the borders and collaborate with the most important international producers.

Our vision

We make accessible the technology, innovation and precision within each product. Our aim is to guide the clients from tradition to the future by suggesting the best solution on the market.


Our certificates

For more than 20 years we have been implemented a quality management program focused on business processes, designed to meet the international standards required by our partners and our customers. We are striving to optimize our standards by achieving a constant quality of our service.

In 1998 Carlo De Giorgi obtained its first international ISO certification and currently is certified with CSQ ISO 9001:2015,  IQNET ISO 9001:2015 and CSQMED ISO 13485:2016.

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Il team

Ariberto De Giorgi


Silvia De Giorgi

Export Sales Manager

Andrea De Giorgi

Sales Manager Italia

Paola Mignone

Back Office

Marco Piazzalunga

Quality Manager

Nicoletta Bolzoni

Sales Account Italia

Emanuela Sabatino

Shipping Office Italia

Aldo Lops

Technical Services

Adele Procopio

Export Sales Account

Giovanni Acquaviva

Production Manager

Fabrizio Beretta

Warehouse Department

Fabio Garofoli

Warehouse Department

Ilaria Rossi

Accounting Department

Corporate Social Initiatives

The context

In Uganda there were indentified 34 million people living with a high risk of oral pathology, but without any preventive and therapeutic opportunities. Only 3 qualified dental technicians were active for all the country and a single university course available for dentists.

The need

The lack of dental equipment and skills necessary to prepare the future dental technicians for supporting the odonthoiatrics.

The project

Carlo De Giorgo participated for the construction of the first dental school in Kampala so that the dental culture and education can be accessible for the future professionals.


SMOM Onlus (Solidarity of Dental Medicine in the World), Mulago Hospital of Kampala University Makerere

The results

The school project is a three-year training course for 12 dental technicians and is part of the University of Uganda and approved by the health system.

Other initiatives

Carlo De Giorgi is supporting the future dental specialists and contributes to the development of the first dental center in Burundi.

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