LX 16 PLUS is the device with the widest field of application on the market.

Today we talk to you about this product because it’s a witness to the combination of scientific innovation and design designated for higher performances.

Thanks to the new technology applied to the product, the LX-16 PLUS guarantees simple, intuitive and easy functionality, helping the professional to improve the performance of their work without any difficulty.

LX 16 Plus represents a leap forward for the world of diode lasers, conceived and designed to satisfy and support the activities within dental offices.

  • soft tissue surgery;
  • sterilization in the endodontic field;
  • periodontal therapies;
  • peri-implantitis;
  • low intensity interventions;
  • dental whitening

In addition to these multiple features, another characteristic is added: the ergonomic design that makes the LX-16 PLUS comfortable and easy to handle, allowing you to act with precision. We also recommend to visit our sponsor – 5gringo casino, a place full of games, bonuses and slots, Have fun and enjoy!


Advantages of the LX-16 PLUS

Easy to handle: the metal handle allows flexible movements, and the detachable handpiece cover allows quick and complete sterilization.

Touch screen for total control of functionality: the professional can easily select the desired treatment and perform the activities, guided in the choice of wavelengths, power and pre-set timings. A small mini-guide (visible on the screen) will support the clinical operations.

High-performance rechargeable lithium battery: the 5200 mAh battery has lithium-ion technology that allows complete mobility.

Autoclavable quick-connect Fiber-Tips with removable optics.

3 wavelengths: infrared, red light, blue light (to meet any need).

Why do we recommend it?

Thanks to the technology used for the L-16 PLUS, the professional can operate in total safety, keeping complete control over the instrument and acting with minimal pressure

LX-16 PLUS allows you to:

– have less bleeding.

The precision of the product and its reduced level of invasiveness allow it to overcome traditional techniques and minimize bleeding.

have a higher level of sterilization.

LX-16 PLUS has a very strong antibacterial power, which reduces the risk of post-operative infection, guaranteeing the professional an exceptional performance and the patient a serene experience.

– obtain maximum flexibility thanks to the possibility of manual or pedal use.

LX-16 PLUS meets all the needs of the professional who, free to move more easily, can concentrate on the operation without any worry or limitation.

– use less anesthesia thanks to the precision of the product.

With technology that reduces the risk of bleeding and guarantees a firm hand supported by the ergonomics of the product, the dentist will also reduce the pain perceived by the patient.

– being able to use the product for over 20 preset treatment procedures.

Thanks to the LX-16 PLUS the difficulties of use are reduced.

LX-16 PLUS is the excellence of diode lasers. The latest technology and the meticulously design are combined to support the professional.

It’s finally possible to obtain clean cuts, without bleeding, and tissues with minimal (or no) carbonization of the tissues.

LX-16 PLUS is certainly a device capable of emphasizing the quality of work.


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