Ai Motor Black

New design for a unique experience

The Ai Motor range expands and welcomes the Black model.

The endodontic micromotor arrives in a new color, black, and in a new premium edition signed by Yoshi Terauchi.

Its design is attentive to ergonomics and satisfies any needs that professional could have during long-lasting tasks: a combination of elegance and functions that make the Ai Motor endodontic micromotor a fundamental tool to add to your study.

With a motor life of about 10 times longer than the model with brushes, the brushless motor promises very high performance and prevents file breakage by improving preparation efficiency.

The Ai Motor Black incorporates the advantages of its brother Ai Motor White, but elevates the experience of the professional to new levels of excellence thanks to an engine unlocked up to 2500 rpm and the introduction of T-mode (patented by Dr Yoshi Terauchi).

The Ai Motor is revealed with an ergonomic design and a sophisticated lines to combine performance and unmistakable style.


  • SGP movement settable in 10 ° incremental steps
  • More customization for SGP movements – speed and torque can
    be adjusted within the range of 100-500 RPM and 2.0-5.0 N allowing
    safer preparation.
  • Integrated apex locator: real-time root canal measurement
  • Smallest head on the market: 8 mm in diameter and only 9.7 mm in height
  • T-mode for a faster and more intuitive transition between Rotating and SGP systems
  • Innovative Design: Excellent handling and weight balance


  • Head: 8 x 9.7 mm
  • Torque: 0.4-5.0 Ncm
  • Rotation speed: 100-2500 Rpm
  • Apex locator: included
  • Lithium battery: 3.7V – 2000mAh
  • Battery charging: wireless

Why do we recommend it?

The Ai Motor is a product that we have already got to know in the past and that we have recommended in previous editions of the PROCatalogo. This year we once again confirm the enthusiasm we feel towards this endodontic micromotor, especially for the latest version, which presents an important update from the point of view of experiential personalization.

“Ai-Motor’s head is much smaller than other motors. You can change rotation modes, speeds, and angles in a customized way.”
Dr. Yoshi Terauchi

Doctor Farnararo talks about the Ai Motor range

“The Ai Motor stands out among the products for its design and the important brushless feature.
Its ample power combined with the optimal maintenance of the set-point guarantees optimal control in every situation.
The engine is also perfectly balanced: its weight, in fact, has been distributed so that it is neither too light nor too heavy, allowing the expert to use it in total comfort, without experiencing any fatigue. Not to mention its noise, almost completely zeroed.
The Ai Motor is in fact incredibly quiet compared to other products on the market.
The shape of the head and the thickness of the collar, both small in size, make the Ai Motor one of the most effective products on the market, which makes operations really easy, quick and painless even for the patient, even when the professional has to reach the most difficult points.”
Doctor Farnararo on the “Ai Motor” category

Watch the video of the interview.

In summary, we recommend the Ai Motor Black endodontic micromotor for:

  • the powerful brushless motor;
  • the ergonomic shape that makes it an easy product to handle;
  • balanced weight for optimal grip;
  • the silence;
  • the most complete customization of the programs
  • the head and the micro collar to reach even the most difficult spaces
  • greater personalization of SGP movements

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