Ask De Giorgi: PT-A dental scaler for more agility in your work

What is PT-A

PT-A is the multifunctional system that synergistically combines two essential tools for dental prophylaxis: a piezoelectric scaler with painless technology, designed for above-below gingival treatment, and a whitener that can be molded in accuracy to every application need.

PT-A is designed to offer intensive professional use, with an efficient and comfortable treatment that makes hygiene and cleaning operations much more bearable on the patient side.

The scaler is designed to not mark the surface of the teeth, the bleacher to not damage soft tissues. The process uses compressed air to spray dust and water on the surface, in order to remove substances such as plaque and extrinsic pigmentations and polish the tooth.

Main features

  • Intelligent and easy to understand touch control on large LCD screen
  • The micro-nozzle for air polisher ensures a more concentrated and effective cleaning
  • Double water supply mode: water supply, dispenser (600mL and 1400mL supplied)
  • Multifunction pedal
  • Integrated anti-blocking system
  • Modes: Air Polisher + Perio + Endo + Plant maintenance


Why we choose PT-A

1. Exclusive all-in-one product
It offers complete dental hygiene in a single device: scaling, periodontology, endodontics, cleaning of implants and air polisher.
Possibility of using standard inserts and titanium inserts.

2. Provides effective protection of the tooth surface
The “hardness” of the powder is much lower than that of the enamel (teeth), thus avoiding the classic damage to the surface, which has always been present in traditional scraping.

3. Complete removal of plaque and pigments
The air polisher, equipped with a micro-nozzle, provides a significant effect on occlusal, interproximal surfaces, and even on orthodontic brackets that have always been difficult to clean.

4. Reduces adhesion of plaque and pigment
After traditional ultrasound treatment, patients may experience the surface of the teeth as rough and uneven.
PT-A thanks to its elliptical vibration allows a better dispersion of the impact force between insert and tooth, preserving the tooth from damage and injury. At this point, using an air polisher, the surface will be polished, reducing the probability of adhesion of the plate.

5. Cleaning, sensitivity and waterproof
The large waterproof touch screen allows fast and sensitive control of the instruments.
Use with gloves will not compromise the user experience.

6. Use of chemicals
It is possible to use products such as chlorhexidine, hydrogen peroxide and sodium hypochlorite, through the anti-corrosion bottles with which the machine is equipped.


Ergonomic and light handpieces

Lightweight and ergonomic ultrasonic handpiece, equipped with LED technology and top quality materials.

Removable three-part air-polisher, more durable and functional:

  • Micro-nozzle for a greater concentration on the treated area
  • Funnel shape to ensure a stable powder flow


PT-A and accessories

The PT-A is supplied complete with:

  • Double scaler handpiece
  • Double hand bleacher air-polisher
  • Double dispenser: 600mL and 1400mL
  • Double sterilization box (air prophy and scaler handpiece)
  • Double torque wrench
  • Multifunction pedal
  • Mix of ultrasonic tips (standard and titanium)
  • Double bottle of baking soda whitening powder
  • Transport case


Contact us at the phone number +39 02 356 15 43 or by email to find out more or to proceed with the order.

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