Burundi Project: we believe in the future of new dentists and dental technicians

Carlo De Giorgi supports the Burundi project, which aims to improve the health of local life. Initiative conceived by SMOM, it’s an organized project supporting the training of over 10 million people. This great social commitment wants to invest in education to create professionals able to prevent and take care of the population.

With 8 years of study, the aim of the Burundi project is to provide a three-year degree courses for oral health operators; the organization of a dental center for the in-depth study of cases; the promotion of public assistance. Launched in 2016, this path calculates the qualification of 10 specialists per year and the provision of 3000 services.

We are the change of every day. We can change the minds of tomorrow.

Carlo De Giorgi also participates in the Burundi project. Together with other partners who believe in research and continuous innovation; the family-run company supports the operators of tomorrow through huge investments and the donation of suitable work tools.


“The future is in the hands of those who invest today for the professionals of tomorrow. We want to give all the necessary resources to ensure that the message of prevention and training continue to pass from generation to generation. We can be the change, giving young minds the opportunity to get to know our sector and become highly specialized operators ”. Ariberto De Giorgi.


We are thankful to the president of the SMOM Onlus dott. Pino La Corte for his incredible strength and determination in carrying out the Burundi project and for the continuous support provided also by the other partners.

His dedication is a great inspiration to all of us and we are greatful to be a part of such an important mission.

Contributing to the project is possible. To support the SMOM association, the non-profit organization of social utility, you simply have to fill out the form in order to become a collaborator or make a small donation:


Banca Intesa San Paolo 

55000-Fil. Accentrata Ter. S. 

IBAN:  IT93 T030 6909 6061 0000 0070 942



For more information, we warmly invite you to follow the updates on the SMOM page.


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