Contra-angles for Implantology: how to choose the best fit?

How to best face the challenges of today’s dentistry?

Which contra-angles have the most suitable features and functions for you?

Carlo De Giorgi’s offering is always at the forefront and the products present characteristics and technical specifications suitable for every type of request. The dentist will find himself facing a wide range of high quality products, and will be able to set his own selection criteria to know also which types of contra-angles are the most requested and most accessible in the field of implantology.

We know that oral surgery requires greater sensitivity and excellent performance to be able to act in difficult surgical contexts, where precision and visibility in very small spaces are fundamental. The contra-angles promoted by Carlo De Giorgi can be used in all phases of bone perforation, tapping and screwing and also have an additional advantage that allows the dentist to reduce the risk of transmitting potential infections from patient to patient.

Another important aspect is the compatibility of the contra-angles with all the surgical units and with the various micromotors with universal coupling and guaranteed by ISO certification.

Everything you need to know about the contra-angle for implantology:

  • The thickness of the head

During the purchase it would be better to consider not only the height and diameter of the head, but also the thickness. The dimensions we propose allow a better accessibility and visibility of the intervention area and start from 13.3 mm up to 14.9 mm.

  • The Torque

Depending on the difficulty and the type of bone that will be prepared to load the implant, the contra-angle should be able to reach the Torque necessary to ensure stability depth. The range of contra-angles we offer satisfy the particularities of the Torque, reaching up to a maximum 55Ncm and max 80 Ncm.

  • Illumination

Working with a luminous intensity of 25,000 Lux, the dentist can take advantage of ample and diffused lighting directly on the operating field.

  • Locking systems

The cutter replacement must be carried out with minimal force to avoid any accidental interventions, and at the same time it must be sufficient to be able to lock it correctly in any situation. Whichever locking system you decide on, by toggle or push-button, the Carlo De Giorgi contra-angles guarantee the necessary safety during use.

  • Maintenance and sterilization

The contra-angles are chosen so that they are congruent with the needs and procedures of hygiene and maintenance. We offer contra-angles that can be completely disassembled, heat-disinfected and sterilized to facilitate fast and accurate cleaning of each component, guaranteeing complete protection and a longer life of the instrument.

Each contra-angle guarantees a specific reduction ratio, comfort during use, an ergonomic design and more resistant materials for important loads on the implant site and during regular maintenance.

If you want to buy a new contra-angle and want to learn more, contact us at for personalized support.

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