COVID-19: breathe peacefuly with the Q3 and Q7 air purifiers


The importance of purifying the air in the rooms to eradicate the circulation of bacteria.

The future depends on what we do today.


We continue the review of products selected by Carlo De Giorgi to support professionals in this moment of emergency. Among the personal protective equipment, we have chosen to include also the Q3 and Q7 purifiers.

Plasma air purifiers use a patented TPA® ion field technology. Their performance has been rigorously tested and proven worldwide. In addition, they are EPA compliant and California Air Resources Boad (CARB) certified.


Why we have chosen the Q3 and Q7 purifiers

Both products have been selected by Carlo De Giorgi for the technology used for their realization. Quiet and capable of cleaning up almost all of the contaminating particles in the air, they are available in two versions to meet the needs of those who must purify environments of different sizes.

The Q3 model is recommended for smaller spaces. Thanks to its small size, in fact, it can be positioned anywhere without causing damage thanks to the rounded corners.

The Q7 model has greater power, designed to eradicate agents in large spaces. To make it even more useful, it has built-in wheels that allow you to move it to any space you want, without any effort and without damaging the flooring.

To ensure greater efficiency and safety, which is fundamental especially in this emergency period, we have selected the Q3 and Q7 purifiers because they do not require filter cloths, they need very simple maintenance thus facilitating their use and reducing the risk of contagion.



How they work

Purifiers improve the quality of the air, sucking the bacterial agents that circulate freely and filtering even the smallest ones.

The minimum size of Covid-19 has been estimated at around 0.1 microns. Thanks to the ionic wind technology of the TPA® plasma air purifiers, the Q3 and Q7 models filter particles up to 0.0146 microns.

Their suction activity can be activated at any time of day or night. Thanks to the night mode, in fact, they guarantee an almost completely noise-free activity, allowing continuous operation even while sleeping.



  • TPA® technology accurately destroys harmful particles
  • The Q3, Q7 purifiers are extremely silent thanks to the BLDC motor with an almost imperceptible night mode
  • Compared to HEPA purifiers, they consume less energy
  • They effectively remove aeresols
  • Three-color digital display to indicate the status of the air quality thanks to the use of high precision sensors

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