COVID-19: MG-1 high protection glasses

The virus can also be transmitted through the eyes. How can you protect them in this time of emergency during your everyday work?


The future depends on what we do today. 

Carlo De Giorgi has always been attentive to the needs of its customers. In this period of emergency and great difficulties, we are close to all those who need to be even more careful.
For this reason, we immediately took action to support our consumers.

Why did we choose MG-1 masks?

The MG-1 protective eye masks guarantee maximum protection without causing any pain for long-term use.

Unlike other protective glasses, MG-1 combines flexibility and lightness of materials to allow the user to manage his working days in total safety and comfort. They also facilitate the activity of those who wear eyeglasses: the lenses, in fact, are in scratch-resistant polycarbonate and prevent the fogging of the mask, supporting the operator throughout the day.

The MG-1 masks were chosen by Carlo De Giorgi and included in the brochure – special edition – for the delicacy with which they rest on any type of face, guaranteeing in any case a complete and secure fit. Thanks to the elastic band, anyone can use this personal protective device and adjust the adhesion strength in any way they prefer. The long hours of work are not experienced with pain because of the masks and the lenses provide an always perfect view.


  • the masks rest gently on the face, adhering gently to the shape of the face to ensure maximum protection without causing pain
  • the size of the masks is perfect for those who must also use eyeglasses
  • the lenses are made of polycarbonate and the body of the masks is made of PVC to support our customers for a long duration in time
  • the structure of the masks is transparent to allow a complete view of what surrounds the user
  • the elastic is wide and adjustable according to the needs of the person who uses it
  • the masks provide an airtight barrier by isolating molecules of any kind from the eyes
  • they are anti-fogging, allowing long-lasting use and without impairing vision

How to use MG-1 masks for maximum protection

We invite you to take some time to adjust the mask until it adheres perfectly to your face. Using the elastic you can tighten or widen the grip and choose the strength you prefer. However, we strongly recommend that the face mask be pressed enough to ensure maximum safety and prevent it from moving. At the same time, tightening too much could cause some discomfort in the long run. For this reason, before starting to work, it is essential to adjust the elastic of the MG-1 mask in order to not having to adjust it later.

MG-1 masks are comfortable to wear even if you wear eyeglasses. Wear them and adjust the elastic to make your work safe and comfortable at the same time.

Once you have found the most suitable size for your face, do not remove the MG-1 glasses until the end of your work shift. The masks are disposable: removing and putting them back would cancel their effectiveness since by continually touching them you could contaminate them and risk yourself to get infected by rubbing your eyes.


What they protect you from

MG-1 masks prevent transmission of the virus through the eyes.

They protect against:


  • aerosols and other chemical hazards that may come into contact with the eyes
  • cold and thermal conditions that can cause watery eyes, causing discomfort during activities
  • accidentally touch your eyes

Available colours

Currently the MG-1 protective eye masks are available in three colors:

  • ice blue
  • green forest
  • cherry pink

Choose the shade you prefer.

How to order MG-1 masks

For further information, we invite you to download the brochure – special edition – which we have prepared specifically for this emergency period.

To proceed with your order and receive support during the procedure, contact us at the phone number +39 02 356 15 43 or by email


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