COVID-19: personal protective equipment

The future depends on what we do today

The hygiene and prevention protocols for current COVID-19 emergency require the use of effective devices that can guarantee protection to our health. This is why Carlo De Giorgi immediately took action to offer personal protective equipment (PPE) in order to protect you during the everyday work in this emergency period.

Our daily commitment is to ensure the most suitable, safe and certified PPE for everyone’s safety.

3D Protective Mask KN95 FFP2

The respiratory masks of protection class FFP2 are the best to ensure total safety during your work.

Made with light and resistant materials, they have a filtering capacity that blocks up to 95% of the particles suspended in the air. Furthermore, thanks to their structure, they guarantee maximum adherence on the face, without causing pain to those who use them.

Some features:

  • European Standard Certification EN 149: 2001 + A1: 2009 issued by an accredited notified body
  • High filtering capacity up to 95%
  • Shell shape
  • Maximum grip and comfort

Protective eye masks: model MG-1

MG-1 protective goggles defend you from the virus infection. With these eye masks, you can create a barrier between you and the contaminants in the air.

The lenses guarantee maximum performance at work and total protection without causing you any discomfort. Easy to wear and to adjust, they adhere perfectly to the face and create an airtight wall between you and the air. They also avoid fogging or getting dirty thanks to the anti-scratch and anti-fogging treatment.

Some features:

  • They adapt to the face in order to create an airtight barrier
  • They prevent fogging of the lenses
  • State-of-the-art coating for impact resistance
  • They protect in case of splashes or splashes of liquids
  • They prevent the penetration of dust particles

The high pressure purifiers: Q3 and Q7

Make sure to always use personal protective equipment to protect yourself from any contact and contagion. Prevention is the solution with our high pressure purifiers!

Q3 and Q7 help you clean the air: remember that the minimum size of the new coronavirus is around 0.1 microns and with the purifiers you can filter particles up to 0.0146 microns.

They purify rooms without using filter cloths in order to guarantee greater efficiency. They’re also easy, safe and quick to use.

Some features:

  • Innovative technology to guarantee a more effective, washable and silent air purifier.
  • Eco-friendly thanks to a lower energy consumption compared to other purifiers
  • Real-time air quality analysis methods

The digital infrared thermometer

Measure the temperature of your patients in just one second and without the need for any contact.

Simple to use and easy to understand thanks to the information shown on the display, the thermometer allows you to assess the conditions of people safely, in a very short time and providing you with reliable data.

Some features:

  • Ease of reading
  • Immediate result
  • Precise data
  • Reliability of the measurement
  • Memory and alarm tone

The fingertip pulse oximeter SHO-3002

Measure the oxygen saturation of hemoglobin in your blood (SpO2) and heart rate (HR) with this non-invasive device.

These parameters are fundamental for knowing the health situation of patients. With this device you can immediately know if the Sp02 levels are lower than 95% and in this case proceed with the procedures indicated for COVID-19.

Some features:

  • Reliable and rapid diagnosis
  • Device usable by medical and civilian personnel
  • Simple in using and reading data

Important information: delivery of products

Due to the emergency caused by the spread of the virus, the time of delivery of the products may vary.
To guarantee everyone a service to the best of our ability, we share with you some factors to keep in mind when ordering:

 1. Arrival.
The arrival time of the products varies from 15 to 45 days

2. Order management
We recommend, where possible, to proceed with a pre-order and an advance payment to unblock the commercial flows

3. Delivery to the customer
Upon shipment of your order, you will be notified of their departure and you will have the opportunity to track your parcel and monitor its journey.

Our daily commitment is aimed at all the people that work in the various sectors and make themselves available to others risking their own health.
The whole Carlo De Giorgi group wants to guarantee maximum service to support all customers who have trusted our experience and professionalism for years.

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