Dental Art Congress, Florence 12th October 2019

The Dental Art Congress will take place in Florence on 12th of october: an event that will host many international speakers with considerable expertise in the field of endodontics.

The event will be an opportunity to share their skills, experiences and widen our networking.

What will endodontics look like in the coming years? What are the most innovative technologies that will allow progress? What are the innovations that will simplify the clinical procedures and will improve the quality of treatment for patients?

Therefore Carlo De Giorgi participates at the event, as we strongly believe in value and technological excellence to support industry professionals and patients.

The digitalization revolution has enabled the dentists to provide their dental office with all-in-one wireless endodontic motors, which support the professional at every stage of the treatment, constantly updating them on the canal measurement and relative distance of the file with respect to the apex. All this, and much more, is Ai Motor, a brushless endodontic motor with a highly innovative design.

Digital Transformation alone is not enough: as a result of diversification and technological advancement, an adeguated training is required, which remains effective at all levels of experience, and with training managed by carefully selected professors and dental specialists.

That is why, the Dental Art Congress will be the first of a series of events in which we will participate in October, offering to the participants the chance to test our high quality equipment, providing retailers and dental offices with the possibility of having technologies at home at all times cutting-edge, specialized technical assistance and industry experts.

Don’t miss our updates between 9 and 11 October live from Masterclasses with professors, dentists and industry experts, stay tuned!

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