i-Scan and i-Sensor: the technology to always have with you

Carlo De Giorgi is constantly looking for the best equipment to increase your daily performance.

i-Scan and i-Sensor are the products that we present to you today and which aim to increase the quality of intraoral operations.

i-Scan: the advantages of this digital intraoral radiography

i-Scan is a great digital tool for getting great intraoral images quickly. The technology used makes this product new in its category and able to offer extremely clear visuals and immediately available to the professional.

The scanning processes are automatic, easy and extremely precise.

The product has a modern, minimal and compact design. The i-Scan adapts to any work environment: with its wireless technology it can be comfortably transported from one studio to another without hindrance of wires and in complete safety.

Due to its small size, it is also easy to clean: the upper panel and the plate storage compartment are removable to be sanitized simply and quickly.

Wireless technology gives access to the plates on all devices, keeping the workspace tidy.

Its intuitive system scans and views the plates in just one click.

I-Scan Feature

  • 8-core processor with 14 nanometer technology for high level performance
  • User friendly stand-alone software integrated in the device or on the personal computer (Windows compatibility) for a double mode of use
  • Real resolution of 17 LP / mm for uncompromising quality
  • 7 “capacitive touch screen monitor for an improved user experience
  • Sheets with a thickness of just 0.4 mm and in four different formats (21 x 32mm, 23 x 39mm, 26 x 53mm – optional, 30 x 40mm)

Technical specifications

  • product code 818/00
  • dimensions 138 x 245 x 290mm
  • weight 4.5kg

i-Sensor: accessible intraoral imaging

The i-Sensor is the perfect solution for intraoral imaging: it allows you to acquire images with a high degree of detail.

The software it is equipped with allows you to improve them in a simple way if necessary.

To always guarantee maximum hygiene, the IP68 protection has been developed which makes the product impermeable to water: i-Sensor can be immersed in a disinfectant liquid to avoid cross-contamination.
This tool is the convenient option for those who want to capture exceptional images quickly and without the use of consumables.

Feature i-Sensor

  • 16-bit ADC chip reaches up to 60,000+ greyscale tonal steps
  • High definition up to 2.2 million pixels
  • Theoretical resolution of 25 lp / mm, effective> 8 lp / mm for sharper and more defined images
  • Rounded corners and 4.5 mm thickness for better radiographs even in vertical acquisition
    CNC ultrasonic welding technology to be able to use an ultra-light sensor
  • Simple software that can be installed in one click, equipped with powerful image processing functions.

Technical specifications

  • Product code i-Sensor H1 327/00
  • Product code i-Sensor H2 329/00
  • APS CMOS technology
  • Real resolution> 8 lp / mm
  • USB 2.0 transmission system

i-Scan and i-Sensor: the technology to always have with you

We at Carlo De Giorgi have selected these equipments because they are manageable and easily transportable, they guarantee very high performances and allow a quick sharing of the acquired images.
With the new and more defined intraoral visuals, the work experience takes a leap forward and every professional can carry out work in a workmanlike manner with agility and precision.

To find out more about these cutting-edge tools, download our PROMagazine.

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