COVID-19: choose surgical masks type IIR

IIR surgical masks are perfect for protection while working.

Thanks to the multilayers, their bacterial filtration capacity prevents any worries during your daily activities.

IIR surgical masks are designed to protect you from viruses that float in the air. The pathogens, in fact, migrate through droplets of the secretions of the nose or mouth.

Through proper use (by covering both parts of the face), IIR surgical masks prevent the circulation of 95% of the fluids that are created naturally.


Protect others

IIR face masks protect those around you.
You can work freely, blocking the droplets from escaping.

We remind that, for everyone’s maximum safety, each individual should wear a mask or avoid coughing and talking too close to others when without the right protection. You and your collaborators must always be equipped with the disposable mask and attend to the needs of patients guaranteeing them total safety.

The features of the IIR

  • they are disposable
    The masks must be changed from time to time. Their effectiveness is guaranteed only by following the instructions in the brochure. They must completely cover the mouth and nose, they must not be moved after wearing them and must be held firmly on the face until they are replaced with another disposable mask. When changing the mask, put away the used one in full respect of the environment.
  • size 175 x 95mm
  • they have waterproof and resistant layers
    Created with waterproof multilayers, they are comfortable and durable for a long life.
  • they are durable and comfortable thanks to the absence of latex, glass fibers or other annoying materials on the face
  • they reduce contact with the droplets
    The masks are used to protect your colleagues and clients while you work. By using them correctly, you prevent contact of over 98% of bacteria.
  • they are also resistant to splashes
    They are certified to have a higher resistance than the norm. They protect from droplets created by the nose and mouth as well as the droplets of blood that could be created during ordinary work activities



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