PROMagazine: the catalogue that contains the whole world of dentistry

The origins of the PROCatalogue


Our magazine was born to offer something more to our customers.

We are constantly looking for new ways to meet the needs of professionals, who look to us to select products to add to their practice.

We wanted to create content that could reach our user and that was up to date with all the latest news about our industry and our promotional offers.

Precisely for this last objective, at the beginning we gave the project the name “super offers”, but it was not enough to convey all the experience and research included in its design. Later, therefore, we added the words “pro” for “professionals” and “catalog” to extend our message to the entire dental world.

Our PROMagazine is all of this: a plethora of useful information for choosing products based on how to use them and special discounts and other essential resources that we make available to all professionals who want to improve the quality of their work.

The research we carried out for the planning of the first PROCatalogue (and which we then maintained and enriched over time for all the other editions) was born from the observation of our customers. We wanted to offer a resource capable of intriguing, attracting and being considered essential for their constant updating. We didn’t just want to sell our products, but to offer all the information, appointments, scheduled events to enable professionals to make the best decisions based on their needs.


In fact, our PROMagazine is more than a product catalogue. Inside it we pour all our offers, meetings with industry experts, in-depth articles and advice to improve your work experience with the latest industry news.

Our project managers, Andrea De Giorgi, Marco Piazzalunga and Lia Caporin work hard for the selection of all the topics to be included in the new editions, for the drafting of the contents and for their layout in a usable and easily readable format from our niche.

During the research, which we carry out in view of the next PROMagazine, we consider the requests of our customers, their needs, the testimonies of the experts with whom we collaborate, the examination of new products and what we can insert in the magazine so that it is always useful for the dental sector.

How we choose the contents of the PROCatalogue

In addition to months of research and collaboration with industry experts, we also work with different suppliers to discuss new items, presentations or products that are up to our company standards.

Once we decide to include a certain tool, we study it from several points of view to get to know its features, evaluate its handling, durability, ease of use and the best supplier able to provide us with what we want to offer our professionals.

We do all this to make our magazine a source of useful information for our users.

We provide everything you need to know to meet the demands of our customers, who find useful resources in our PROMagazine to improve their performance.

We value the characteristics of the selected products, the advantages, the methods of use and the reviews collected by various opinion leaders.

PROMagazine: Instant download

All of our reality is included in the PROMagazine. What we believe in, the reason why we do it, the information we decide to insert from time to time: the magazine is the result of our experience and the desire to offer the best to all professionals who aspire to a constant increase in their performance .

We want to continue to offer it, above all because over the years we have seen how much it has been appreciated by our customers, who use it as a source of information for updating their studio tools.

This constant demand is easily satisfied, as the PROMagazine is available online and immediately downloadable via our website.

All our customers can easily receive it and browse it virtually to comfortably make their own decisions.

Our guide is accessible to all those who want a periodic update:

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