PROMagazine: KIT for all dental practices

We at Carlo De Giorgi work diligently to provide our colleagues from all over the world with the latest news and recommendations on the best products on the market.

We strive for excellence and we want to share this mission with professionals and experts who want to increase their skills, improve performance, relying on the latest generation products, capable of speeding up and ensuring maximum control during daily operations.

For this reason we have created the PROMagazine: a catalogue that contains our whole world. From the instruments, to the furnishings for the study, to the latest news in specific sectors our catalogue is a concentrate of valuable information created to meet your needs.


The high technology of the laser is combined with exceptional performance to offer professionals an extremely easy to handle, safe instrument that allows you to operate with minimal invasiveness.

Why we recommend LX 16 PLUS

Thanks to its three different wavelengths, the LX 16 Plus diode laser can be used in all dental laser therapies, reducing the operator’s efforts and always maintaining maximum precision with minimum bleeding.

LX 16 PLUS promises:

– less post-operative pain;

– a higher level of sterilization;

– maximum flexibility thanks to the possibility of manual or pedal use;

– the widest range of possibilities in the fields of application of the product;

– formidable precision, requiring less anesthesia;

– over 20 preset treatment procedures


Fi-P + Fi-G is the complete root canal obturation system, suitable for the vertical compaction technique.

Together, the two instruments form an incredibly performing kit to act jointly: Fi-P is ideal for cutting and softening root canal filling material, while Fi-G is a thermo-plastic gun for injecting the gutta-percha, commonly used after cleaning and shaping the filling canal.

The complete obturation system guarantees:

– ease of use;

– guarantees precise temperature control;

– instant heating;

– designed for long lasting performance;


R1 Cutter is a tool of maximum precision.
It’s one of the products we recommend because it maintains the very high standards that our company always wants to guarantee.

R1 PLUS is suitable for all gutta-percha brands on the market.

The Cutter supports the professional with:

– its maximum precision;
– double-sided cutting blade;
– 30 mm ruler;
– light and anti-rust

R1 PLUS allows a diameter measurement with an accuracy of 0.01 mm and for this reason it is an instrument that, in our opinion, must be present in all studies.


ENDO 1 can radically change endo-canal operations with:

– its ease of use;

– its specificity in activating irrigants;

– its design, which allows for a firm grip and ergonomics throughout the period
of use

ENDO 1 is the product recommended by Carlo De Giorgi for the activation of root canal irrigants and the disinfection of the root canal.


To find out more about the products we recommend, we invite you to download the PROMagazine here.

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