Steril disposable handpiece: a guarantee of hygiene and asepsis.


Cleaning and sterilization are at the height of importance, Carlo De Giorgi proposes accessories that have made hygiene their top priority.

Disposable handpieces are still a revolution in the dental field: with their multiple applications they are able to eliminate caries materials, make incisions in the teeth to prepare crowns and cavities, or finish excess composite.

They are specifically indicated to allow professionals maximum performance, especially with patients at risk of contamination, and guarantee continuous activity for up to 4 hours without interruption.

Disposable handpieces have different attachments to choose from (direct or with quick adapter), we offer you two choices for direct attachment: Borden and Midwest.

As indicated in their name, the handpieces with direct connection must be connected directly to the unit tube.

Why choose the disposable handpieces with direct connection to the tube

  • they are affordable
  • they do not need the adapter
  • they do not disperse the air force (particularly useful if you do not have a lot of air pressure in the studio)
  • they are the best choice if you do not have to continually disconnect them to sterilize them
  • they favor an additional guarantee of hygiene and asepsis
  • they are indicated for patients at risk or for patients sensitive to the risk of contamination
  • they are individually packed sterile
  • they guarantee a continuous use of 4 hours.

Borden 2-way attack

  • TX-122N-B2 model
  • Two-hole attachment
  • Small type head
  • Single jet water spray
  • Weight 10 g
  • Speed ​​300.000 / 400.00 g / m
  • Non-autoclavable plastic body

Midwest 4 Way Attack

  • TX-122N-M4 model
  • Four-hole attachment
  • Small type head
  • Single jet water spray
  • Weight 10 g
  • Speed ​​300,000 / 400,000 rpm
  • Non-autoclavable plastic body
  • Individually packed

To find out more about our disposable handpieces, we invite you to visit our store.

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