The complete solution for filling work with gutta-percha.

What are Fi-P + Fi-G

Fi-P + Fi-G is the complete obturation system for root canals with gutta-percha.

The two products have been designed to work together and ensure continuous heat transmission in order to soften the gutta-percha and fill the root canal, sealing it correctly.

  • Fi-G is a thermoplastic gun for the injection of gutta-percha into the root canal, used after cleaning and shaping the filling canal.
  • Fi-P is a pen for hot vertical condensation fillings. Fi-P is ideal for softening the root canal filling material, vertical diffusion of the root canal filling material and compacting the filling material in the tooth canal.
  • Fi-P + Fi-G is a system suitable for any working mode.
    Both tools feature a display that can be set on both the left and right sides, to suit operations with both the left hand and those with the right hand.

Fi-P + Fi-G is a system suitable for any working mode
Both instruments have a display that can be viewed on both sides (right and left), to satisfy right-handed and left-handed customers.

Why use the Fi-P + Fi-G shutter system

Easy to use
Thanks to the presence of wireless functionality and an ergonomic, simple and elegant design, the obturation system allows the dentist to perform the settings and interventions independently and with great ease. Both handpieces are well balanced, light, comfortable to use and to clean.

Precise temperature control
The Fi-P + Fi-G system allows both the display of the temperature from any part of the handpiece, and the setting of the parameters in a really fast and simple way. Press the temperature setting button to choose the suitable temperature operation and receive visual feedback of the settings on the display. Four preset temperatures are available to the dentist: 150 ℃, 180 ℃, 200 ℃, 230 ℃. Automatic shutdown mechanism if no operations are performed for 10 minutes.

Lasting performance and more efficient solutions
The Fi-P and Fi-G instruments are evidence of what the new technology can achieve in terms of design, materials and settings, improving the performance needed to ensure more efficient work in the root canals of the tooth.



The main functions of the Fi-P + Fi-G system

  • fabric softener function
  • soften the root canal filling material during
  • diffusion function
  • spread the filling material vertically and in the canal walls and lateral canals
  • cutting function
  • cutting the root canal filling material
  • pressing function
  • all root canals, including the lateral root canal, are optimally filled by heating and vertical extrusion


Specific functions of Fi-P

Dimensions: 23 x 158 x 23 mm – 80 gr
Scope of application: used in the filling phase of the root canal in endodontic treatment.

  • Super-rapid heating
    Just 0.2 seconds to get the heat you need at the tip
  • Automatic 10s power failure protection ensures safer operation.
  • 0.35mm pre-bent tip
    The thinner tips can penetrate deep into the narrow root canal, providing a better therapeutic effect
  • High precision temperature control
    Constant temperature prevents burns
  • High performance conversion system
    The high efficiency conversion system ensures the regular cutting of the gutta-percha
  • Working temperatures
    (150 ° C, 180 ° C, 200 ° C, 230 ° C) can combine gutta-percha of different brands on the market
  • Greater endurance (4 hours of autonomy)
    Large capacity battery and special heating systems allow 1500 operations on a full charge
  • Ergonomic design
    The lightweight design makes it easy to hold and use
  • 4 tips available in different sizes

Specific functions of Fi-G

Dimensions: 31 x 152 x 115 mm – 170 gr
Scope of application: used only in endodontic filling with gutta-percha or root canal sealant. Fi-G is equipped with a gutta-percha injection needle and thermal insulation, a cap to heat and soften the gutta-percha to fill the root canal.

  • Quick heat up within 15 seconds
    It reduces waiting times and increases working efficiency
  • Injection needle 0.5 mm.
    The injection needle made with a special technology can be freely rotated 360 degrees to facilitate multi-angle filling.
    It easily reaches the apical 3 mm of the canal, contributing to a better filling
  • Dual Screen Display: An excellent dual display design allows convenient operations in different angles and tooth positions
  • An ergonomic wireless design that simplifies its use, cleaning and storage
  • Four preset temperatures, accurately control the amount of filling
  • 6 needle sizes that can be ordered


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