The new image Carlo De Giorgi: the excellence of choice.

During the years of our business growth, from a small workshop founded by the craftman Carlo De Giorgi to a renowned company with an international profile,  we had always have as core of our philosophy is being recognized as a guided company from the passion for quality.

More, we have always looked for the best, proposing a wide range of innovative, traditional and modern equipment to meet the various needs of the market.

The restyling starts from here: maintaining our distinctive and significant image , but with a modern look. Our logo has always been part of our life, and like us, it grows and evolves. Innovation means also simplicity, and this is why we opted for an image with subtle lines.

With a closer look you can notice that the letters inside of the square are now three: a simple optical illusion unveils our initial CDG.

The square that encloses the letters becomes the main element and, reproduced in many colors, suggests  the types of products and services offered.

Credits for the new image project: Diego Chierichetti, graphic designer

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