Ask De Giorgi: protect yourself with disposable waterproof medical gowns

Medical clothing easy to wear, resistant and protective.

The disposable waterproof medical gowns are among the most used personal protective equipment.

They provide safe arm and chest protection for all healthcare professionals who need to take care of patients on a daily basis.

Made with extremely light but at the same time resistant materials, waterproof gowns are among the products that Carlo De Giorgi strongly recommends to his customers.

Why we choose them.

The medical gowns are regulated as Class I devices (in compliance with the standard certifications of the 93/42 / EEC regulation).

They are real shields that interrupt contact with harmful agents and create a protective barrier for the whole covered body.

Thanks to the material, made of non-woven fabric (TNT) with Spunbond Polypropylene (SPP) of only 45 g / m2, these products guarantee a water-repellent but always breathable effect. In this way, users can operate in peace and feel totally free in their daily movements and activities.

The gowns are disposable, therefore they must categorically be replaced with a new one. Reusing the product after removing it would result in the cancellation of its protection.


Some characteristics

1.Resistant to the penetration of liquids and blood
Ideal for basic insulation and protection against bacteria, liquids, splashes or spatters of blood.

2.Flexible and easy to wear
The lab coat has laces for the rear closure at the height of the neck and waist, so that the health worker can easily adjust it.

3.Large cut for excellent coverage
The gown has long stitched sleeves and cuffs in stretch tubular cotton of at least 8 cm. The body of the gown was designed to allow flexibility in movement.

4. Without latex
The gown ensures good resistance against humidity and has water-repellent and breathable properties.

5. Practical design
In addition to the material properties, the gown design improves the effectiveness of the barrier against liquids or infectious agents.

6. Maximum hygiene
Disposable waterproof gowns have a sufficient level of fluid repellency to guarantee a barrier role in several areas: hospital, medical sector, dental clinic and hygiene related areas.


Combine resistance to your flexibility

With disposable waterproof gowns, you act freely and without hassle.
The product is able to support you during your work and protect you from any infection. Trust the strength of the polypropylene material and discover its incredible lightness.

Invest in your protection.


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