“Excellence”: the word that gives value to our choices

In over 75 years of business, our company has transformed over and over again. We have always valued research, curiosity and the desire to offer products capable of responding to the needs of our customers. Over time, this ambition has taken root to such an extent that it has become one of our core values.
By exploring the market and the evolving needs of our niche, we have changed too, but keeping firmly on the principles that gave rise to the company we are today.


This is our story.

Excellence” is a word we adopted during our rebranding phase. We wanted to make a promise that would express our constant search for innovation and that would enhance the choice of increasingly performing and reliable products.
Our company has origins as a manufacturer. In fact, we were born as producers and have evolved over time into traders. We have taken advantage of our previous experience in the production of products to get to choose, today, the equipment that we believe meets the needs of our niche. Although we no longer manufacture the tools required by the market, we know the needs of our customers and make sure we offer only the best for their needs.

To keep our promise of excellence, when choosing products, we always start from the search for good value for money. We are aware that it is an important factor to consider and that our niche also takes this into account during the selection phase. So we make sure to respect these needs and to look for useful and performing products.
We study a lot the reliability of the instrument, its qualities, advantages, the technology used and we also ask the opinion of the opinion leaders. We want to be sure that all aspects of the range of equipment we offer live up to our standards and the expectations of customers who decide to rely on our experience.

The choice to offer excellence in everything we do is also demonstrated in the courses we offer to our customers.

In all the lessons we organize, we invite prominent opinion leaders from our industry. We make sure that there are always well-known figures in our professional panorama, because, in addition to giving our niche the opportunity to deal with great professionals and experts in the dental world, we also want to guarantee access to the equipment presented by giving everyone the opportunity to try the products, to test them and to have them explained in real time by leading experts.

Thanks to the collaboration with these important personalities, we can offer complete, in-depth, interesting courses, able to go into detail in the features of the equipment and give participants the opportunity to live an immersive and dynamic experience.
Those who follow our courses, handle the products we offer and learn how to use our devices in the field, knowing all the technical characteristics under the supervision of the masters of the sector.

Our ambition

Always acting according to our standards and seeking constant improvement that can deliver on our promise of excellence, we aim to keep our continuous evolution going. We are a company that has been transforming for years to meet new market needs, listen to the demands of our customers and to ensure that we offer only the best in our sector. We want to continue to offer useful materials for our niche, to invest in the search for innovation and new technologies and to improve more and more in the after-sales assistance we give to our customers.
We want to perfect our commercial support, accompanying our niche from the moment of the choice of its products to the support during repair requests and technical interventions.
We also want to add events and training courses that can raise the skills of professionals and improve our digital communication so that over time it can be a complete, informative and useful platform even for the most distant customers who want to stay updated.

We carry out all this with dedication because, to ensure excellence, we must follow another pillar of our corporate identity: maintaining and strengthening the reliability we transmit every day.
The decisions we make, all the products we select, the courses we offer, the opinion leaders we contact and collaborate with, the assistance services we offer to our customers: every single aspect of our reality is based on the desire to be a reliable company, which respects its customers and is worthy of great trust.
Those who choose us, rely on us and find satisfaction in the selection of resources that we recommend because they know that it is all the result of great work, research and an inexhaustible desire for excellence.
We want to be a point of reference to which customers can bond with confidence and serenity and we work daily to always guarantee the best and everything that is able to satisfy the demands of our niche.

Our vision for Charity projects

In addition to working tirelessly to fulfill our promise of excellence, we are also dedicated to charity projects capable of transmitting our values.
For years we have been collaborating with Dr. Della Corte who, through the Onlus, offers us various high-impact initiatives for various areas in difficulty.
Our company always adheres by providing, from time to time, materials, products and resources useful for the development of activities and courses that can make a difference.
Under the supervision of Dr. Della Corte, we set up structures such as training schools for dentists, which welcome students eager to learn the trade and who, otherwise, would find themselves forced to leave their country.
We also offer financial donations to support professors and ensure that all students receive the necessary equipment by shipping containers of new, recycled or refurbished merchandise.

Here you can read our experience in Uganda, with our training center that has exceeded 10 years of activity.

Carlo De Giorgi, today

We started in the 1950s as a mechanical workshop where Carlo De Giorgi, the grandfather of the descendants who continue the business today, had orders for the dental sector. Shortly thereafter, his son Ariberto De Giorgi also joined the family business and transformed it from a workshop into an electromechanical company for the production of machinery for the dental and goldsmith sector. Our reality has begun to generate the first line of laboratory micromotors in Italy made for third parties, which has given way to a further transformation: since 2000, under the guidance of Silvia and Andrea De Giorgi, our company has obtained its current role and, today, we are present on the goldsmith and dental market (both studio and laboratory).
With the experience gained over the years and the constant search for innovation, today we focus on constantly collecting market demands and providing solutions suitable for each customer.
Knowing fully the needs to be met and how to choose the best suppliers, our reality also provides proposals in other sectors such as veterinary, aesthetics, weight loss and fitness.

Carlo De Giorgi, today, has not yet stopped growing and we want to make sure we keep this growth and curiosity towards innovation in constant motion.
We want to continue to invest in research and make new improvements in our business strategy and in the value propositions we offer to different customers.
With our pursuit of improvement and perseverance on being a reliable, recognizable and expert figure in the sector, we make sure to give our niche an ever better, satisfying and up to expectations experience.


We choose excellence.

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