Smart-A: the high performance brushless motor

The Endo Motor Smart-A facilitates your daily practice with its compact, comfortable and customizable size.
Through Smart App Control you can make the most of the technology, easily setting everything via Bluetooth, selecting the self-saving of patient data and downloading the reports in Cloud.

You can connect the Smart-A to multiple types of mobile devices, which communicate via a control app and voice command.
Among the various synchronizable models, you can choose Smart Watch, Apple iPad, Apple iPhone and different smartphones with Android operating system (Huawei, Xiaomi, OPPO, Samsung …).



High performance brushless motor

The service-life is much wider than the classic brush motors.
The Endo Motor Smart-A, in fact, guarantees a duration 10 times longer than traditional products.
With its efficiency, it ensures maximum accuracy in maintaining the set point and drastically reduces the risk of instrument breakage.

The best contra-angle on the market

The Smart-A is equipped with a 360 ° rotatable contra-angle covered with a plastic surface insulation, which allows a higher reliability of the integrated apex detector even in the absence of silicone sheaths and coatings.
The maximum mobility and comfort for the dental sector is due to the measures of this instrument, which are reduced to 6: 1 and with a micro-head of only 8×9.7mm.

Personalized treatment plan and Cloud

The data collected from different products can be entered into a single database.
The name, file sequence and job parameters are defined by you.
In addition, the Endo Motor Smart-A automatically saves basic patient information, treatment data and file usage time.
Each professional can create their own account and create a single device with multiple users, but by arranging for independent information storage.

Different modes for every need

The Endo Motor Smart-A offers two modes of movement.
BB mode for continuous motion with a 90° angle at 1 second intervals. Useful to overcome the blocks created by residual dentin or due to the pulp.
LB mode for a motion with gradual variation of the reciprocation angle, designed for steps and narrowing of the root canal.


Primary technical specifications

Color: Lava Orange
Battery: Base, built into two 3.6V / 2000mAh Li-ion battery packs. Charging voltage 5V DC, 1A
Motor Handpiece: Integrated into a 3.7V / 600mAh Li-ion battery pack.
Pedal: Built into a 3.6V / 750mAh Li-ion battery pack.
Power Adapter (Model: ADS-6AM-06N 05050EPG): Input: ~ 100V-240V 50 / 60Hz 0.4A Maximum Output: DC5V / 1A
Torque range: 0.4Ncm ~ 5.0Ncm (4mNm ~ 50mNm)
Speed ​​range: 100rpm ~ 2500rpm
The contra angle uses a precision gear transmission inside: model CA161.
Handpiece charge: DC 5V / 1A
Software version: V1.0.0
Frequency range: BLE 2402-2480MHz
Maximum RF output power of the product:
Handpiece: 1.81dBm
Pedal: -1.45dBm
BLE: 0.14dBm

Smart-A: powerful, intelligent and smart.
Your choice for flawless and agile work.

Connect to the future.

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