Carlo De Giorgi presents the top 5 products of 2019

In Carlo De Giorgi, 2019 was a year full of novelties not only in the dental and endodontic field but also in the fitness and beauty field, one of the sectors that has seen a significant increase. Endodontics continues to evolve significantly, keeping pace with technological evolution, as we do also in Carlo De Giorgi. Always present at the most important events in the sector, such as the Colloquium Dental in Brescia in October, the SIE National Convention in November, and the Masterclasses at the Dental School to which we will supply products of the highest range, we have once again been able to emphasize the importance of innovation and training.

Here is an overview of the most significant products for our 2019.

In Carlo De Giorgi we are always very attentive to the new regulations, which is why our DD2011  is perfectly in compliance with the new European Regulation 2017/852 EU which provides that from 1 January 2019 every studio must have a separator for amalgam , capable of filtering at least 95% of the particles.

The correct disposal of highly toxic and polluting amalgam residues due to the mercury they contain is not only a legal duty, but a moral duty to protect and protect our environment.

The DD2011 can be installed in any type of suction system, thanks to the various fittings supplied, inside or outside the unit, and is the appropriate tool to reduce the high costs deriving from compliance with the regulations.

DD2011 measures only 25.5 cm x 10.2 cm and can be mounted both vertically and horizontally, has no electronic components and requires no maintenance. It is certified by ISO 11143: 2008. Its use is safe even when replacement is necessary, thanks to the autonomous filter which allows to avoid contact with the particles present inside.

The real revolution of this year in the field of endodontics was the Ai Motor, the endodontic micromotor equipped with a mini-head, apex detector and brushless technology motor, which guarantees maximum performance. The innovative and ergonomic design guarantees excellent handling, and customizable reciprocating movement.

The B-Cure Plus polymerization LED lamp  specific for orthodontics, with a broader work spectrum to polymerize even the most modern composites. It is equipped with an enhanced luminous intensity, double battery supplied, metal head resistant not only to high temperatures, but useful for maximum patient comfort, thanks to the specific handy and ergonomic design.

Implanter  is the implantology unit equipped with an advanced technology that assists the implantologist in all the important phases of the intervention. The touch screen display, the engine power up to 80 Ncm and the possibility to manage all the parameters during each step of the intervention are among the main features that make Implanter the surgical assistant indispensable for the operating field. The

Information arrives in real time thanks to a dedicated software to work with customizable parameters at every step. Furthermore, each phase of the system is guided by a self-limited program within the values ​​that guarantee the best performance of the machine, with maximum safety for the patient. Autoclavable brushless micromotor with reduced dimensions: the design ensures maximum ergonomics.

Air Prophy Plus is a very popular product thanks to the very high quality-price ratio: an effective whitener with an ergonomic design and perfect weight balance and extreme ease of use. It easily disconnects thanks to the 360 ​​° rotatable tip, and has a stainless steel structure, which makes it more robust than many other products. It also has an anti-feedback system to avoid contamination, the ducts where the water flows have antibacterial properties.

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